Sreeni Puspala
I ordered this product (black) a week back, the seller had shipped the product promptly simply amazing as I could not wait to try the product. The charger comes with full charge and decent packaging. The same night I was heading out with my wife to restaurant for dinner and her IPhone had absolutely no charge almost dying (she didn't had time to charge her phone at office), and then came to my rescue and made me look like a hero. The charger nicely fit into one of her purse compartments and what impressed her even further was how fast her IPhone got charged to a decent level before we reached the restaurant. Over this weekend we had a party at our home, again this little hero came to rescue couple of my guests, they liked it as well. The charger is very handy and impressive as well. I had used this charger with IPhone 6+, 5s, Ipad, Samsung S5, and Windows Nokia Phone. I recommend this product to everyone for the price available as compared to other products in the market and trust me it comes to rescue when you need the most.

Alise Feliz
This portable charger is more than what I was looking for!!! I used several other portable charger just for charging my iphone, including one on solar (it was very poor quality and worked only for a little while), a (heavy) attached one (as in you pop you phone in it - like the solar one - and it carries and charges it as needed throughout the day, and another one that was so bad I forgot about it and was returned super fast (the last 2 were purchased at Apple store), with all my experience I liked the heavy attachable best but it really didn't serve my needs plus I could pop my phone into any other little pocket any longer... not good!
So I gave up for a while but then I found this one and gave it a try... to my great joy and satisfaction!!
I have a white one, all chargers tend to be black and I think white looks so much better. Its apple white and great lasting material by the looks of it!!
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Few weeks back while I was travelling, my cell phone went out of charge and I realized that I need to have an emergency portable charger. I’m fortunate to find Impower Elite Portable Cell Phone Charger. This little cute thing looks stunning and is a life saver. It can charge 2 items at a time, be it 2 iPads or cell phones or any combination. The other advantage is, it can charge multiple devices several times and most importantly, you can use your devices while it’s charging, meaning, you can carry your phones or tablets while charging and use it on the go. So far I haven’t found any drawback but the only thing I felt is, the USB cable which comes with it for self-charging is around 8 inch long and could’ve been a little longer, but nevertheless, I’ve so many of them laying around my home so not an issue at all, it’s just a little more convenience. I’m completely blown away with the quality of the product and is totally satisfied with it. I would definitely recommend this to everyone.

This cell phone charger was just what I needed. I am a heavy iphone user / junkie - texting, facebooking, pinterest, email and especially Youtube and my iphone was just not lasting through the day.I am on my feet most of the time when working so plugging my phone into the wall is just not an option, plus someone would take my phone if I left it to charge.
I found this charger and it arrived just before my family and I left for a camping trip in the Colorado mountains - yeah. I opened the nice box and I have to say it looks great (I got the white one) and feels great in your hands, nice and solid. According to the blue light on the front it appeared to be fully charged, but I plugged it in anyway (the charging micro usb cable is included, along with a nice little black storage bag) and I grabbed it just before we left.
It was great to have this charger on the trip. Even though I had no cell phone coverage my phone was still used heavily. We used it to play music at the campsite. Also my 3 year old will grab it any chance he gets to watch a stored movie or two, he is very sneaky. With this battery backup I was able to keep my phone charged up through the 3 day weekend and ready to go when I returned to civilization.
I can throw it in my bag and charge my phone and keep it going all day now. My husband was always mad when my phone was dead and he could not reach me. My problem was solved with this charger. It is turning into a must have accessory and I wonder why I did not get it sooner. The charger has two charging ports so my husband was able to top off his phone also at the same time.

Aman Aggarwal
It is an excellent product and very pleased with it. Holds a lot of charge and has 2 USB port for charging - Compact in size and sturdy - It has nice little bag that can hold the charger as well as a cable - it holds decent amount of power for its size. I was able to charge my Ipad from 0 to 100% and the battery still had more. - Easy to operate Con - USB charging cable for self charging is too short (8 to 10 inches) Overall I will recommend this product to anyone

Jeff Gossman
Excellent power supply. Great looking and quick charging. Love 2 ports so I can charge my iPad and iPhone at the same time. Charge lasts a long time. Charged my iPad on a flight last night and still had over 75% of the charge left. Indicators tell you how much charge is left.